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The Risk of Breach Declines when IT is informed.

Every Audit and Assessment performed by TrustCC is designed to identify risks and present them to stakeholders.  We present a clear understanding of the issue and the priority.  We make sure our clients know their risks.

Why is this important? - The risk of a breach declines as IT is better informed and better prepared.  TrustCC provides an independent evaluation based upon our experience performing nearly 3,000 IT audits and security assessments.

We compromise 63% of the networks we test.

Using the same hacking techniques used in real breaches, TrustCC has successfully compromised the internal networks at 63% of our clients.  Once on their networks we breach sensitive information at just over 75% of our targets and obtain escalated access to administrative privileges at 60%. 

Why is this important? - TrustCC’s team is technically superior therefore our clients avoid a false sense of security often present with inferior testing.

TrustCC clients have better exams.

TrustCC has performed hundreds of IT exams under contract with the NCUA and the State of Washington.  Partnering with Regulators provides the opportunity to know their examination focus and methods.  Regulators recognize that specialized skills, like those provided by TrustCC, can improve their exams.

Why is this important? - TrustCC’s examination experience is unmatched and helps us prepare our clients for their regulatory exams.  As examiners rely on TrustCC’s reports, TrustCC clients have better exam experiences.

We provide the support our clients need.

TrustCC believes that superior methodologies and superior reports are just the beginning.  Helping our clients manage their risks is the real purpose of our services.  To this end we dedicate ourselves to post-project support.  We end engagements with a consultative session and then provide both a Help Desk function and a Client Reference Library.  Finally, our client-only webinars and web-based security awareness training meets many client education needs.  

Why is this important? - IT Compliance is complex and daunting.  Clients want to be compliant but often need a little help.  TrustCC offers the help needed to make things easier.

We guarantee our services.

TrustCC believes that clients need to be fully satisfied with the services provided so we offer a simple guarantee.  If you are not fully satisfied after having given us a reasonable chance to remedy your concerns, you will be refunded all fees paid for the services and cancel future services.

Why is this important? - Some organizations are hesitant to give a new IT audit firm a try in fear of an inferior audit or service experience.  Our guarantee eliminates the risk. 

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