Security Assessments

TrustCC’s security assessments are more thorough.  In addition to vulnerability and penetration testing we evaluate configuration files, review systems consoles, test wireless controls and laptop encryption and much more. Eight out of 10 TrustCC clients report that TrustCC finds more than their previous security assessment provider.

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Social Engineering

The art of manipulating people into performing insecure actions or divulging confidential information, TrustCC uses social engineering techniques to test bank and credit union employees’ ability to withstand these attacks.  TrustCC can perform site visits, send phishing emails or make pretext calls and load payloads than can result in remote connections.

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IT Audits and Reviews

Financial institutions vary significantly in size and complexity.  A one-size-fits-all approach to IT auditing doesn’t work.  TrustCC has created a highly innovative modular approach to IT auditing.  We can audit GLBA compliance, BCP, vendor management, risk assessments, incident response, physical security and more.


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Security Awareness & Training

Training may be the most effective investment to reduce the likelihood and impact of a breach.  TrustCC offers training designed to educate general bank and credit union personnel, IT staff, managers, the Board and even customers/members.  All clients get access to TrustCC’s security awareness videos and some elect for more effective in-person training.

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IT Risk Assessments

Security Assessments and IT Audits test the key controls identified during a Risk Assessment.  Risk Assessments are a critical component within a security program as they map controls to threats and document whether threats are adequately mitigated.  TrustCC offers multiple risk assessment services including GLBA and online banking risk assessments.

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Advisory Services

TrustCC can help clients create information security policies, write IT business continuity plans, and perform other customized services.  We even partner with several companies that perform non-IT compliance such as vendor management, lending reviews, BSA compliance and more.


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